About this blog

We will start off with the predictable. January, and there’s a new blog in town – or should that be 10,000 new blogs, or maybe a million new blogs. The truth is I don’t know. And I don’t know because I’m not really from this world that we currently find ourselves haplessly swirling around in. Hopefully, that is what will make this blog unpredictable. This is the blog of a plateaued former high flying executive, feeling more and more at odds with the new world, and more and more appreciative of the incredible journey I’ve taken to get here. Because this was never meant to be me, this was never meant to be my life. I was born to keep people entertained. Hopefully through this blog, with some great two way interaction, that is one of the things that we will achieve. As an early boss once said about me – “Hmm, strange fish!”.

This blog is also for those of us who often wake up thinking “how did I get here?”, quickly followed by “when am I going to get found out?”. I believe there are more of us  out there than many would care to believe. My fervent hope is that this blog will both encourage and entertain, as one thing I am sure of is that those of us with a healthy slice of self doubt and overt awareness have far more capability and creativity than the arrogant executive “norm”, who – let’s face it – will be far too busy barking and regurgitating conceptual twaddle about building the future than to bother with this irrelevant namby pamby nonense.

I am hopeful that the blog will also encourage others to share their experiences – whether this is highlighting how badly wrong I have got it, and how I need to “grow up” or “knuckle down” – these are not new demands for me! Or whether it is simply to share similar startling revelations and anecdotes to show the world that the life of “The Executive” is not quite the square choreographed existence that the world at large would have you believe. My belief is that I am not alone in this big pond. Enjoy….

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